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Functional Medicine University (F.M.U.) makes available to the general public a list of health care practitioners who have completed training in the Functional Medicine Training Program offered by F.M.U.

The aim of this service is to put you in touch with a practitioner, who is familiar with the approach to healthcare called 'Functional Medicine'.  For more information on functional medicine Click Here.

If you are a healthcare practitioner who wants to be listed within this database please click here to get more information about the Functional Diagnostic Medicine Training Program at Functional Medicine University.

Terms of Use:

Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare and is not considered a separate medical profession. This database contains practitioners from many different backgrounds and healthcare disciplines. By choosing a practitioner from this list you recognize that F.M.U. and Sequoia Education Systems, Inc has not completed a background check on the practitioners in regards to their clinical experience, the status of their license to practice medicine in a particular state, province or country, their degree, training, scope of practice, participation in any insurance, HMO or other re-imbursement programs, the status of malpractice coverage, or any other criteria. F.M.U. or Sequoia Education Systems, Inc  performs a preliminary check on the educational backgrounds of the practitioners participating in the Functional Medicine Training Program at the time of their enrollment. A practitioner's place on the database listing does not denote any ranking or rating by Sequoia Education Systems, Inc./ Functional Medicine University. Sequoia Education Systems, Inc./Functional Medicine University does not advise  on the scope of practice or expertise of any practitioner in this database.
The functional medicine practitioners listed in this database have completed 200 hours of training in functional medicine, and passed a comprehensive assessment to confirm their competency in the learning criteria. Although Sequoia Education Systems, Inc/Functional Medicine University confirms the competency of these practitioners in what they have learned  through assessment, Sequoia Education Systems, Inc./Functional Medicine University does not confirm how the application of this knowledge is applied by individual practitioners.
In order to access this database of Functional Medicine Practitioners, you must click below to indicate that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms of use.

"I have read and understand the terms of use and conditions listed above.  I understand that I will not hold Sequoia Education Systems, Inc/ Functional Medicine University responsible in any manner for the background, education, licensure, scope of practice, or clinical expertise of any practitioner I may contact as a result of using this service. Regardless of the outcome of my contact with any practitioner in which I consult from this database, I agree that I will not hold Sequoia Education Systems, Inc/Functional Medicine University responsible for that outcome."


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